Dr. Thomas Guth

Advisors to medium-sized Family-owned Businesses

Dr. Thomas Guth has founded and manages SCC- Consultants. The focus of his services is advising entrepreneurial families in important decisions which affect both the company and the family.

Working with the existing consultants he analyzes the situation and moderates the necessary decision making processes with the inclusion of existing consultants. The pending decisions often relate to completed or planned changes in the company or among the shareholders.

SCC also advises on M&A Transactions both on the vendor’s as well as on the buyer’s side.

With utmost consideration of the individual shareholder interests the goal is to maintain and further develop the business across the generations.

Thomas Guth´s many years as CEO of a family holding company and his membership in numerous supervisory and advisory boards, in some cases as chairman, give  him the professional basis to support and accompany processes with expertise, experience, and the appropriate sensitivity.

His personal independence helps him to find the objectively best approach together with the parties and to convey the results to the people concerned.